NF Nano filtration

Water treatment by NF Nano filtration method

NF nanofiltration is one of the water treatment methods that is based on semi-permeable membrane and is better in terms of efficiency than ultrafiltration and lower than reverse osmosis. NF nanofiltration water treatment package consists of membranes with various shapes and structures and its cost-effectiveness compared to reverse osmosis in industrial water treatment has received much attention. Here’s how nanofiltration works, its advantages and disadvantages over other water treatment methods, and everything you need to know about it. Join Haft Industrial Group, one of the most successful nanofiltration production and design teams.

What is NF nanofiltration?

NF nanofiltration is a method of water treatment in which water flows through an electrically pressed, semi-permeable and fertile membrane with pores of 0.001 microns. As the water flows, all particles larger than one nanometer will be separated from the water and the rest of the ions useful to the human body will pass through it. One of the positive features of this water treatment method is the removal of waste and organic matter weighing more than 1000 Daltons, which makes the water have a high degree of purity.

The membrane and filter used in the structure of Nano-filtration water treatment packages have two layers, one of which acts to protect the device against the pressure applied to it. The second layer actually plays the role of separating waste from water, which is produced with nanotechnology and has a long life.


How to work water purification with nanofiltration?

Nanofiltration NF technology is very similar to reverse osmosis water treatment. To better understand how to purify water with this method, it is necessary to first look at osmosis and how to purify water with it. Osmosis, which is a natural phenomenon, operates on the basis that substances with low salinity are always absorbed towards higher salinity, and this is easily observed in nature. In reverse osmosis and NF water treatment, the opposite of this procedure is considered and with pressure, water with a higher degree of salinity is directed to a lower one.

In the general structure of the NF water treatment package, a two-layer membrane is considered through which water passes with electric pressure. Due to the fertilization of membranes, in addition to waste materials, molecules and viruses, divalent or polyvalent cations are not able to pass through it. As a result, the water obtained from this method will have a high degree of purity and will be suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and industrial uses.

Water treatment by nanofiltration method

Comparison of NF nanofiltration with reverse osmosis

According to the degree of purity of water from water treatment, it can be said that NF is better than ultrafiltration and is slightly lower than reverse osmosis and the amount of salt in water is more than reverse osmosis. In RO (reverse osmosis) water treatment, water has a very high degree of purity and therefore will require more energy and cost in this method. The accuracy of the reverse osmosis method is 0.0001 microns and about 50% of water will be wasted. In contrast, the NF method wastes about 30% of water and would be economically affordable. Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis methods are mostly used for industrial environments and drug and food factories.

Comparison of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis

Comparison of nanofiltration with ultrafiltration

One of the main differences between NF and RF is the type of pressure applied to the water, which in NF requires electrical pressure, and in RF water passes through the filter without external pressure. As a result, nanofiltration energy consumption is higher than RF. Due to the fact that the holes in the middle membrane in ultrafiltration have a diameter of 0.01 microns, as a result, the degree of purity of water is lower than the other two methods and is cheaper in terms of price.

Advantages of NF nanofiltration water purification package

NF water purification package has many advantages and that is why it has been highly welcomed in the industrial sector. The advantages of nanofiltration and water treatment with this method are:

    • Removes contaminants, mud, microorganisms in water
    • Removal of organic matter weighing more than 1000 Daltons
    • Removal of polyvalent cations such as calcium, iron, sulfate, manganese and nitrate
    • Decolorize and remove TSS from water
    • Removal of salt and water salinity for industrial and agricultural purposes
    • Has less effluent than RO reverse osmosis
    • More cost-effective than reverse osmosis
    • Water treatment without the need for chemicals
    • No change in pH of water after purification
    • High flow in water and output product
    • High efficiency compared to other water treatment methods

Advantage of nf niltration

Application of water purification NF method

The reasonable price of NF Nano-filtration packages compared to reverse osmosis and its higher efficiency compared to the RF method has led to its use in different environments. Among the places where this method of water treatment is used, the following can be mentioned:

  • Nanofiltration in industry

Due to the fact that in many industrial applications, the use of water with very high purity is not required, therefore, NF can be used for it. For example, cooling towers, which are available in most industrial plants, require water that has a low degree of hardness. As a result, the very high purity of water from reverse osmosis is not very useful for it and water treatment can be used by nanofiltration method. In addition, NF can be used in the reverse osmosis pretreatment step.

  • NF treatment in the pharmaceutical and food industries

In the pharmaceutical and food industries, water of different purity is required and due to the high accuracy of the NF method in purification, its output is at a desirable level. As a result, it can be used in these industries as well.

Of course, it should be noted that this method can also be used in drinking water treatment, which is a little more expensive than RF. However, since the ions needed by the body are not removed in the water treatment operation, it can therefore be a good choice for home drinking water treatment.

Price of NF nanofiltration

Due to the fact that nanofiltration is designed and produced in different sizes, dimensions and capacities, so it’s not possible to provide a specific rate and price for them accurately and consistently. In addition to size and dimensions, because some of the internal parts of this equipment are imported, so it is affected by currency prices and market fluctuations affect it. You can contact Haft Industrial Group to inquire about the price of nanofiltration in any size.

Production of NF nanofiltration in Haft Industrial Group

The quality used in the components of NF water treatment systems is very important in industrial and domestic sectors, and its efficiency, high accuracy, longevity and durability must be considered. Haft Industrial Group is one of the professional teams in the field of production of NF nanofiltration and other water and wastewater treatment systems. In order to use the advice of this team and also to buy different types of water purifiers, you can use the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

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