Cartridge filter housing

Cartridge filter housing

Cartridge Filter Housing is a set of cylindrical tank and several cartridge filters inside it, which is mostly used in the pre-treatment stage of water treatment systems by reverse osmosis. The ability to remove suspended particles in water and other fluids by various types of cartridge filters is one of the main reasons for designing cartridge filter housings that prevent damage to RO membranes. Haft Industrial Group; The manufacturer of water filter cartridge filter housing will introduce everything you need to know about housing and its types, as well as the role of cartridge filters in water purification.

What is a cartridge filter housing?

The housing is a cylindrical tank with a steel, glass and PVC body, inside which different types of cartridge filters are placed according to the water flow. In the general structure of the housing, there is a cylindrical tank and a dome-shaped entrance with the ability to open and close, which cannot be opened from the end. Water purifier cartridge filters are located inside this chamber and are used for water purification in semi-industrial and domestic sectors. The housings are classified into Sparkler, Candle, Pressure, Pressure, and Cartridge filters based on the type of filters they contain.

Water filter cartridge filter housing design

Types of housing

The housings are divided according to the body material and the number of filters in them and are placed in different groups. Based on this division, these equipments can be classified into two general groups, single-element and multi-element.

Single element housing

In the construction and design of single-element cartridge filter housing, steel, glass and PVC materials are used for its body and it is mostly used for conditions where the water flow is less than 5 cubic meters per hour. Inside this type of housing, as its name implies, a filter is used and is mostly used for domestic water purification.

Multi-element housing

Depending on the water flow rate and the environment used by this equipment, more micron filters or cartridges may be required. In this case, multi-element housings will be designed and manufactured. In the construction of multi-element housing, steel body is considered and it is produced in different types such as 304 steel, SS316 and SS316L steel housing.

In another category, filter cartridge housings are grouped based on the material used in their body. The most commonly used are the following options:

Steel cartridge filter housing

Due to the very important role of micron or cartridge filters in the water purification of RO systems, housings are mostly designed and manufactured for industrial and semi-industrial environments. In order to increase the efficiency and longevity of this group of equipment, their bodies are made of 304, SS316 and SS316L steel. This type of housing has the ability to withstand pressure up to 12 bar and is therefore more used in industry.

PVC housing

PVC housing is one of the most common types of micron filter housing that is used not only in industry and desalination plants, but also in washing machines and home water purifiers. One of the main features of this group of housings, which are single-element, is to provide an environment without the possibility of algae growth, which can be a positive option for home and drinking water treatment systems.

Glass housing

For various reasons, such as the need to be aware of contamination of the filter inside the housing, glass with a pressure tolerance of 5 bar is used in the production of filter housing for water purification cartridges. This group of housings has a high resistance and is a single element and is mostly used in home water purifiers. The size of this group of housings is often 20 inches and it is in the group of semi-industrial housings, which is 10 inches in size in the home type.

Glass cartridge filter housing

What is a cartridge filter?

Cartridge filter is a hollow cylinder whose body is made of polypropylene, activated carbon and polyester. Based on the general structure of the fibers and the main coating of this group of filters, they can be divided into three main groups. Types of water purifier cartridge filters include the following:

Compressed cartridge filter (Melt Blown Polypropylene Cartridge Filter)

In the manufacture and production of Melt Blown cartridge filters, polypropylene is used, which are compressed with high heat and create a smooth surface. Due to the diameter of the pores in the compressed polypropylene tissue, the removal power of suspended solids in the fluid by this group of micron filters is different.

Wound cartridge filter

The fibers that make up this group of water purifier cartridge filters will spin and eventually become cylindrical. Some of these filters are covered and protected so that their texture is stable and they are not disturbed by contact with suspended particles in the water.

Pleated cartridge filter

As the name implies, this flat sheet of polypropylene and polyester is divided into very small sections and folded. When the fine folds of these sheets are placed on top of each other, a hollow cylinder is formed, which is widely used in water treatment. The pore diameters on micron filters are completely different and are used in 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 micron types in different industries.

Water purification cartridge filter

How the filter cartridge housing works

In the design of the cartridge filter housing, as mentioned before, a cylindrical body is used. The filters will be selected based on the water flow and will be placed inside the cylinder. Water or other fluids enter the housing and hit the filter body, and fine particles such as silica and other suspended solids will not be able to pass through the filter pores and the treated water will enter the hollow part of the filter. Finally, the water that flows to the outlet is treated and used for various purposes.

Application of cartridge filter housing

Depending on the diameter of the water purifier cartridge filters and the type of these filters, as well as the body and the overall structure of the housing, these equipments can be used in different environments, the most important of which are:

·        Pharmaceutical and chemical industries

·        Food factories

·        Pre-treatment of RO desalination systems

·        Home water purifier

Cartridge filter housing price

In the process of designing and manufacturing housing, different standards have been considered and therefore there are different features in them. Differences in material and size and other features of such water purification equipment ultimately affect the price of cartridge filter housing. The most important factors in determining the price of housing are the body material (steel, glass and PVC), their size and dimensions, and their multi-element nature. You can use the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page to inquire about the price of housing.

Manufacturer of filter cartridge housing

Haft Industrial Group; The manufacturer of filter cartridge housing has put the production of this group of water and wastewater treatment equipment in different sizes and dimensions in compliance with all the necessary standards in its set of activities. The housings produced in this complex have steel bodies and have the necessary resistance to use in industrial and semi-industrial environments. In order to buy water filter cartridge housing, you can use the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page. Our experts will provide the necessary tips and advice before buying different types of housing.

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