Rotating sludge scraper

Rotating sludge scraper

Rotating sludge scraper is one of the most common types of sediment bridges that are installed on cylindrical and circular ponds. These wastewater treatment equipments are designed and produced due to the great importance of preventing the deposition of suspended solids on the floor of treatment plants. Seven Industrial Group; Manufacturer of rotating sludge scraper in various types of semi-bridges and full bridges, which to date has succeeded in implementing this equipment for various industrial environments. The following is a comprehensive guide to important standards in the design, manufacture and construction of Rotating sludge scraper, the price of Rotating sludge scraper and everything you need to know about it.

What is a rotating sludge scraper?

In the process of treatment or pre-treatment of industrial wastewater, the removal of suspended solids is very important and not paying attention to it will not only reduce the quality of water output from this step, but will cause serious damage to subsequent devices. Therefore, it is necessary to help better settling of suspended solids in sewage with various equipments such as clarifier. After performing this step correctly, the solids will be deposited in the bottom of the treatment plant or ponds, which need to be emptied regularly. Designing and manufacturing Rotating sludge scraper is one of the best solutions in this field, which provides conditions for collecting and discharging sediment in cylindrical ponds in a short time. As the name implies, this type of scraper sludge bridge has a circular and rotating motion and is therefore used in cylindrical ponds.

Revolving bridge

Rotating sludge scraper

According to the standards considered in the design of the rotating sludge scraper, the blade connected to the bridge is smaller than the diameter of the pond and can be easily rotated on the floor. With the rotation of the bridge, the deposited materials are transferred to the center due to the centrifugal force at the bottom of the pond and are finally discharged. A very important point in the production of rotating sludge scraper is to assign a slope to the center of the device so that the deposited material can move easily towards the center and the discharge operation can be done in a short time and with high accuracy.

Types of rotating sludge scraper

Rotating sludge scraper is used in various environments such as food factories, industrial treatment plants and even drinking water treatment. According to the conditions of the installation environment of this equipment, these bridges are produced and designed in different shapes and types. Among the types of this bridge, the following can be mentioned:

Half bridge rotating sludge scraper

As the name implies, this bridge is half the diameter of a cylindrical pool and is mostly used for smaller treatment plants with less sediment.

Full bridge rotating sludge scraper

This type of rotating sludge scraper has a length equal to the diameter of the pool and with each rotation and movement, more space is taken from the treatment plant and the evacuation operation will be performed faster. This type of bridge can be a good option for large and industrial treatment plants that have a large amount of sediment on the bottom of the pond.

Rotary sludge bridge design

Rotating sludge scraper design

In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of water and wastewater treatment equipment, it is necessary to make designs based on the characteristics of the environment and the treatment plant, and this issue is fully felt in the design of rotary sludge bridges. In general, to design a rotating sludge scraper, it is necessary to put some components and main parts in it, which are: round floor bearings, grating, blade, sludge blade slipper and electrical panel, bearing and body. The quality of each of these parts must be at the desired level so that the bridge has a good lifespan. Among the important points in the design of these bridges, the following options can be mentioned:

·         Use of suitable materials for the bridge body and other parts in it: Organic and chemical substances in the sewage will eventually cause corrosion in the equipment in the treatment plants. For this purpose, it is better to choose stainless steel for the blade and other parts that are placed inside the pool. For other parts that are out of the sewer, fiberglass can be a good choice. Of course, the material of the body and other parts must be selected according to the type of organic matter in the pond to have proper performance.

·         Care in choosing the right width for the bridge: Rotating sludge scraper and other samples are installed on the ponds and manpower must be able to be placed on them. As a result, it is necessary to allocate enough space for the human operator to travel.

·         To better direct the deposited material to the center of the pond, it is necessary to consider a slight slope to this side during design.

·         The speed of rotation and movement of the bridge blade should be determined according to the amount of deposited materials and their type and the capacity of the pond and other factors. The rotation speed of the bridges produced in Seven Industrial Group is adjustable.

Construction of Rotating sludge scraper bridge

Seven Industrial Group is the oldest manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment, which has included the production of various types of sediment bridges in its product range. All products produced in this complex have been done under the supervision of professional and experienced engineers and have been installed and commissioned in various industrial and residential environments until today. To find out the features of each of the rotating sludge bridges produced by Seven Industrial Group, the experts of this team are ready to provide a free consultation before purchasing the Rotating sludge scraper.

Price of Rotating sludge scraper bridge

The price of Rotating sludge scraper is determined according to whether this product is in the group of half bridges or the full bridge, body material and other parts and available capabilities for it. To inquire about the price of Rotating sludge scraper, all you have to do is contact the experts of Seven Industrial Group through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Application of rotating settling bridge

The main applications of these bridges are the following:

·         Rotating sludge scraper for municipal water treatment plants

·         Use of Rotating sludge scraper in industrial treatment plants

·         Use of Rotating sludge scraper in pre-treatment stages of industrial and sanitary wastewater

·         Use in food and textile factories

·         Use of Rotating sludge scraper in sugar factories

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