making Dual mesh bar screen

Dual mesh bar screen

Dual mesh bar screen is one of the best types of mechanical bar screen that the water purified by it is of high quality. This type of wastewater screen, which is one of the products produced for wastewater treatment, has a long life and its efficiency is higher than other samples. Seven Industrial Group; One of the teams with experience in designing and producing Dual mesh bar screen, will have a comprehensive look at this product and will answer questions such as how it works and how to make Dual mesh bar screen and its price.

What is Dual mesh bar screen?

DUAL mesh bar screen, as its name implies, consists of two mesh plates that are installed in the sewer passage. This type of wastewater bar screen is mostly used in environments that require the separation of small suspended solids in water. By placing these two plates in the sewer passage, in fact, pieces of wood, leaves, fabric and other solids in the water are removed twice, and finally its output is cleaner than other types of bar screen.

One of the most important features for this type of bar screen is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the device in case of failure of one of the plates. In other words, it is designed and built in such a way that this two screens have the ability to move and move up. Therefore, in case of failure in one of the screen s, it can be moved upwards and removed from the sewer passage and the device can continue the water cleaning operation with a screen.

Dual mesh bar screen

The bar screen is generally divided into two general groups, manual and mechanical, based on the method of collecting the accumulated garbage on the screen. In the first type, the human operator is responsible for the collection, and in the second type, all operations are performed mechanically and automatically. This device is of mechanical bar screen type and with the help of electrical energy, the movement of the forks is controlled to clean the debris on the screen. The working method of this device in general is as follows:

Bar screen plates are installed at a short distance from each other in the path of the sewer channel. These plates are metal and have high resistance to corrosion.

These plates can be moved up and down by moving the gears and electric force.

After the water passes through the mesh plates, the suspended solids in the sewage hit the plates and gradually some garbage accumulates on both plates. As the amount of these materials on the plates increases, the volume of water gradually increases and its level rises.

The forks installed at the top of the machine are moved to the bottom and collect the accumulated garbage. No human is involved at this stage and the operation is completely automatic and mechanical.

Making a pair of net garbage collectors

Design of Dual mesh bar screen

In designing a dual mesh bar screen, several very important factors must be considered in order to get the best result and output from it. The most important of these factors are the following:

The size of the holes on the grid

Bar screens are designed in two types, fine and coarse. In the fine type, the holes and pores on the grid are considered very small and in the coarse type, larger pores are considered. In the design of the bar screen, according to the place of their installation and the type of sewage passing through the plates, a standard size for the pores should be considered. The smaller the pores on the screen and the grid, the higher the water quality.

Bar screen installation angle

Bar screen installation angle is another issue that should be considered when designing a dual mesh bar screen. For example, in the rod type, an angle of 45 to 60 degrees is considered for them.

Sewage flow rate

Sewage flow rate is one of the most important factors that should be considered in the design and production of this bar screen. The amount of water passing through the mouth of the channel is directly related to its speed and is very important in the relationship between the design of the plates and the whole device.

Advantages of Dual mesh bar screen

The use of two mesh plates in the design and construction of Dual mesh bar screen makes it have more advantages than other examples. The most important advantages of this type of screen are the following:

·         High efficiency due to the use of two mesh plates to remove suspended solids in the water

·         Ability to use the device in case of damage to one of its screens

·         High capability in removing waste in sewage

·         Using in the pre-treatment stage of wastewater to prevent damage to the pump and other equipment

·         Cost savings due to the lack of manpower in the process of collecting garbage from the pages

Making a Dual mesh bar screen

Seven Industrial Group has designed various products in this field according to the needs of industrial and semi-industrial wastewater treatment plants. These products include Dual mesh bar screen and other manual and mechanical samples, all of which are designed and manufactured according to the required standards. Dual mesh bar screen in Seven Industrial Group is made by a group of professional engineers and technicians with experience in the field of water treatment and all of them are at the highest level of quality. In addition to making a Dual mesh bar screen, this set offers the necessary advice to choose the best option according to their installation location

Price of Dual mesh bar screen

The price of Dual mesh bar screen is determined based on several important factors, the most important of which include the material of the mesh plates, the size of the plates, the dimensions of the device, the material and type of connections and other parts in the device. Due to the high diversity of this group of wastewater treatment equipment, we suggest that you contact the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page to inquire about the price of this device.

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