Chlorination package

Chlorination package

Chlorination package is one of the best methods of water purification that increases the health of water for domestic and industrial use to a desirable level. Chlorine injection machine is widely used in swimming pools, industrial environments with the aim of eliminating microorganisms and bacteria in the water due to its cost-effectiveness as well as its easy installation. Haft Industrial Group, as one of the most experienced teams in designing and manufacturing chlorination packages, will introduce everything you need to know about different types of chlorination machines, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they work.

What is a chlorination package?

One of the biggest problems that can occur after drinking water treatment by various methods is the growth of bacteria and microorganisms and algae, which eventually leads to dangerous gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, in environments such as public and private pools where the conditions for the growth of fungi and algae are provided, there will be negative effects on people’s skin health over time. One of the best solutions to deal with this group of problems is to use a chlorination package, which is very effective in disinfecting water.

Chlorine injection package includes chlorinator pump (dosing pump for chlorination device), polyethylene tank, steel shaft with polyethylene coating, piping, stainless steel chassis and electrical panel, the total output of which will be disinfected water and free of bacteria. Of course, it should be noted that the equipment of chlorination package is different according to its type and method of disinfection of water, and the items mentioned are available in the liquid chlorination package.


Types of chlorination devices

In general, chlorine injection machines can be divided into two groups: liquid chlorine and gas chlorine devices, each of which works completely differently. Of course, it should be noted that in most industries and environments, liquid chlorine is used for various reasons such as cheap price and ease of use and higher safety.

Liquid chlorination package

Liquid chlorination device, which is one of the most widely used options in pool water disinfection methods. In the design and construction of the device, liquid chlorinator is considered according to the working pressure of the pump based on Bar with a capacity of liters per hour. This pump is resistant to corrosion with chemicals and is often made of PVC. Suction hose, injection valve and tank are other equipments in this group of liquid chlorinators, each of which has specific tasks that we will discuss in the following.

Gas chlorine package

Gas chlorination package is another example of a chlorinator device, the use of which requires high expertise due to the toxicity of chlorine gas, and safety issues need to be considered. In designing and producing gas chlorinator, equipments such as automatic wall injection device, injector device, booster pump, analyzer, sampling pump, control panel and gas cylinder are used.

How does the chlorination package work (chlorinator)

Liquid chlorination device of the same type as mentioned earlier includes tank, pump, suction hose and injection valve. According to the pH and the amount of bacteria and pollution in the water, first the required amount of chlorine is measured and enters the water. For chlorine to be effective in removing contaminants, it takes at least 25 minutes for water to come in contact with chlorine. The entry of chlorine into the water causes chemical reactions and eventually hydrochloric acid and hypochlorite. The alkalinity of the water environment neutralizes the hydrochloric acid and eventually converts the hypochloric acid into hydrogen ions and hypochlorite.

A very important point in all environments that try to disinfect by chlorination is to test the amount of chlorine left in the water after the chlorination process is done by special kits. Too much chlorine left in the water for environments such as fish ponds will severely adversely affect their health.

Important points in using a chlorine injection machine

The effectiveness of chlorination methods, in addition to the quality of the device, largely depends on the environmental conditions for the use of this method of water treatment. Therefore, before using the liquid and gas chlorinator, it is necessary to pay attention to several important points, which are:

·        Remove suspended solids in water before chlorination in various ways. The presence of these substances strongly affects the efficiency and performance of chlorine in the disinfection process.

·        Raise the water temperature slightly, because chlorine does not have the right conditions for chemical reactions in cold environments. If the water is cold, the contact time of the water with chlorine should be increased.

·        When chlorinating drinking water, use special chlorines to prevent poisoning

·        To increase the life and performance of the device, prevent any impact to it

Advantages of water purification with chlorination injection machine

Wastewater and water treatment methods are very diverse and different equipment is designed and produced for each. But chlorine injection has many uses for various reasons, the most important of which are the following:

·        Cheaper installation, maintenance and repair than other purification methods

·        Proper performance in removing BOD from water and wastewater

·        High performance at low concentrations

·        Long bacterial removal time after disinfection process due to chlorine remaining in water

·        Improves the color, smell and taste of water

Chlorination machine

Design and manufacture of chlorination package

Haft Industrial Group; A group of engineers and technicians in the field of design and production of water and wastewater treatment equipment who have included the design and construction of chlorination package with modern world standards in their activities. The experts of this group will provide the necessary advice for purchasing the chlorinator package through the communication channels at the bottom of the page, and will offer the best options according to the desired environment.

Price of liquid chlorination machine

Like all equipment used in the water and wastewater treatment industry, the price of a chlorinator varies according to its characteristics. Tank capacity, material used in making the package, chlorine injection method and chlorine injection power are among the factors that are effective in determining the price of the chlorinator. In order to inquire about the price of chlorination package, you can contact Haft Industrial Group through the communication channels mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Application of chlorine injection machine

Elimination of bacteria and microorganisms is widely used not only in drinking water, but also in industrial environments, the most important of which are the following options:

·        Purification and disinfection of pool water and preventing the growth of bacteria and algae in it

·        Wastewater treatment and water recycling for agricultural or industrial use

·        Disinfection of water inside cooling towers

·        Disinfection of wastewater to prevent bulking

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