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Dissolved Air Flotation DAF

Dissolved Air Flotation in fact, compressed air flotation is one of the important processes of industrial wastewater treatment, effluent and water purification. Using this method in water treatment, by removing all types of suspended pollutants such as oil, grease, fat and colloidal particles can have a great impact on water clarification. Seven Industrial Group; The manufacturer of Dissolved Air Flotation package and various types of wastewater treatment packages, in this article, will provide everything you need to know before buying this product. This includes how Dissolved Air Flotation works and the application of this equipment in various industries and important standards in its design, production and manufacturing.

What is DAF Grease Trap?

The process of removing contaminants and colloidal particles by injecting compressed air into the effluent is called Dissolved Air Flotation or DAF Grease Trap. As a result, the released small bubbles adhere to the colloidal particles suspended in the wastewater and cause the particles to float to the surface, where they are collected by a skimmer and discharged into a sludge storage tank. Due to the very high efficiency of the DAF Grease Trap system, this equipment is widely used in various industries such as oil and gas refineries, food and chemical factories.

DAF wastewater degreasing

How DAF Grease Trap works

In the design process of DAF Grease Trap device, several important steps are considered to remove oil and colloidal particles suspended in water, which are:

·        Compressed air enters the tank and the storage place of sewage and water and causes bubbles in the fluid.

·        The bubbles formed in the liquid adhere to the colloidal particles and are transported to the highest level of the liquid.

·        After placing oily and colloidal particles on the surface of the water, they are collected with the help of skimmers.

Of course, it should be noted that in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the DAF Grease Trap system, it is better to use coagulants according to the type of fluid and suspended particles in it. To do this, it is enough to add coagulants to the inlet effluent to unload the particles. For this purpose, spiral pipes are used, which on the one hand, coagulants are injected in different sections, and on the other hand, a mixture of air and pressurized liquid is injected into these pipes for better mixing.

In the DAF Grease Trap system, some clean and transparent water enters the flocculator tubes and part of it is transferred directly to the flotation unit. Excess treated water is also removed from the DAF system. The clarity of the water leaving the DAF unit is one of the criteria for proper operation of this system.

In some cases, coagulation and flocculation tanks are used instead of flocculation tubes. In this case, the coagulant is mixed with the effluent in the coagulation tank for about 5 minutes and then injected into the DAF. This process is superior to tubular flocculators when the inlet effluent is not neutral and there is sufficient time to neutralize it and it is easily controllable by the user.

Making DAF degreaser

DAF Grease Trap package components

  • ·        Pressure tank to dissolve air in water at operating pressure of 3 to 5 atmospheres·        Air supply compressor with required pressure·        Floating tank equipped with a skimmer·        Sewage transfer pump with the required pressure·        Tanks and equipment related to coagulant and polymer injection unit

    ·        Pipes and fittings and accessories

    ·        Mixer

    ·        Pressure tube

    ·        Sludge collection and outlet system for draining coagulated and coagulated materials

DAF Grease Trap package design

According to the international standards provided for the design of the DAF Grease Trap package, its body material must be completely resistant to the materials in the sewage so that the performance of the device is not disturbed. For this purpose, Seven Industrial Group has used SS304 and SS316 stainless steel bodies or carbon steel in the design of DAF Grease Trap. In addition, in the DAF degreaser design process in this complex and depending on the type of wastewater, TSS is considered around 50 to 90 and BOD in the range of 60 to 85%. In addition, in designing a grease trap, it is necessary to pay attention to factors such as the density of colloidal particles, the velocity of fluid entering the tank, the type of particles and their diameter and size.

Degreasing package design

DAF Grease Trap package features

  • ·        Ability to remove more than 99% of emulsion and free fats and suspended particles·        Ability to remove more than 75% of chemical effluent load (COD)·        Transparency of effluent due to removal of colloidal particles·        Ease of transportation and installation due to the construction of DAF in the form of integrated packages·        Ability to produce relatively solid and low water sludge

    ·        Ability to remove detergent from the effluent

 How to make DAF Grease Trap?

Seven Industrial Group Company is one of the largest and oldest companies producing water and wastewater treatment equipment, and by relying on the technical knowledge of its experts and using the latest technologies in the world, and by conducting detailed technical studies, design and manufacture DAF Grease Trap package in various capacities. In addition, this company represents the American company ECOLOGIX and imports DAF packages made by this company in different capacities and provides them to dear customers. The experts of this collection are ready to provide the necessary advice and guidance before buying DAF Grease Trap.

DAF price

Due to the fact that the Grease Trap package has different characteristics depending on the type of wastewater and suspended particles in them, there is a difference in the price of DAF. To inquire about the DAF price, you can contact Seven Industrial Group through the communication channels at the bottom of the page. The experts of this collection offer several options according to the type of wastewater and suspended particles, dimensions and capacity of the device and other desired features, and announce the price of DAF degreaser accordingly.

Applications of the DAF package

As mentioned above, compressed air flotation has a very high efficiency in removing floating and suspended matter in sewage. The most important applications of DAF wastewater degreasing package include the following:

·        Use of DAF degreasing system in vegetable oil industry with efficiency and effectiveness of about 90%

·        Degreasing in the food industry, slaughterhouses and meat products, dairy and canning industries

·        Use of DAF in the chemical and petrochemical industries to separate oil and floating fats

·        Used in chemical treatment plants

·        Use to concentrate sludge; Sludge digested by flotation with compressed air from 1% concentration to about 5 to 7%.

·        Wastewater treatment in the automotive and aircraft industries

·        Wastewater treatment of oil and gas refineries

·        Wastewater treatment of smelting and metal alloy industries

·        Wastewater treatment of textile industries

·        Wastewater treatment of oil terminals and ports

·        Wastewater treatment of detergent and chemical industries

·        Wastewater treatment of paper industries

·        Remove ink and paint from industrial effluents

Benefits of DAF Grease Trap

The main reason for the widespread use of this type of wastewater degreasing equipment is its many advantages over other equipment in this field. The most important benefits of DAF are:

·        Design, manufacture and production of DAF according to its application in a short time

·        Cheap price of DAF degreaser

·        High corrosion resistance

·        Easy installation and repair at low cost

·        Requires little space for installation

·        High efficiency in removal of colloidal substances and suspended particles in wastewater

·        Wastewater treatment with a slight odor

·        Extensive use in various industries

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